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Cozy Corner Chateau

Where your pet feels at home!

I came from a family who always had a  home  full of multiple pets. 

We were always  taught  to love and care for all animals and sometimes felt  like the “Mikey Cereal  Commercials,” as  any  pet left at our door step was never turned  down.  I can honestly  say that growing up we must have had  about 20 dogs, a couple of  birds, and some  reptiles.  Growing up with so  many pets you  learn to understand and read their body  language. 

Once out on my own and married the joy animals would bring me continued and we have had 4 dogs, a couple of cats, fish, and some small critters.  Shortly after, life took me in the direction of
volunteering for rescues and becoming one of the founders of New Hope Pet  Rescue. 

In rescue you take the good with the  bad.  You meet many pets who just want someone to show them love; a simple petting session, a brushing, some kisses, or a game of  fetch.  You also see the horrible things people do to animals.  I will never understand why people are so cruel to animals, when all they want to show you is love.

The best feeling ever was helping the NJSPCA    pull several American Pit Bull Terriers out of  a  hoarding situation.  We saw them come from a  horrible situation.  They were given a much  needed baths as they looked at us with such  appreciation.  Finally we saw them go into wonderful adoptive homes.

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Rescue work has shown me there are many people  who love their pets like my family does.  If these families are like us, then one big concern is trusting someone to care for your pets when away from home.  This  has led me to where I am now, as I want to be that person you can count on and trust to care for your pets.

I have 20 plus years of experience, I am flexible with the   needs of each animal and my attention to detail means  I  want to make your pet’s stay with us the best experience  possible.  There is no restriction on what type of pet I am  willing to care for and I am not like your average pet  sitter, who only has had a few pets of their own in a 20  year period.  

Living in a home of multiple  pets and with  a background in rescue, has helped me to learn how to  handle multiple pets at the same time without letting each  one lose out on any of their individual needs. 

My rescue  background has also  exposed me to many circumstances that the average person has not experienced and gives me the ability to adapt and handle unforeseen situations.

Cozy Corner Chateau’s purpose is to provide excellent pet sitting services in a safe environment, were your pet feels at home.  Thank you for coming by my site and I hope to meet you and your pet soon!